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30_06_2010 logbook

giugno 30, 2010

Yesterday we worker with the kist students on the torchis. Today we try the roofing, we bring down the wings and we put up the plastic fabric to see the dimension and how to fix it to the structure.


28_06_2010 logbook

giugno 28, 2010

Today we made the first wall, with the torchis tecniques.

This tecnique has one vertical structure and a horizontal structure made in cutted bamboo. The bamboo are attached either by nailing or tying. The laths function as a formwork for the earth infill. 

26_06_2010 logbook

giugno 26, 2010

Yesterday arch. Armando Barp and arch. Maria Rosa Vittadini arrived at Centre San Marco. We realized different kind of plaster, some with soil and vegetables fibers others with soil and sand mixed in different parts.

We burned some banano leafes and some bamboo wood to have ash, because we would like to mix it in the compound for the adobe bricks to see if they become stronger. 

Diary of the yard

giugno 24, 2010

During the working of the yard we took a diary to follow every part of the work from the 7th to the 10th of May.

You can see and download the Diary of the yard from here

22_06_2010 logbook

giugno 22, 2010

We worked with Kist student on many different things. One group realised adobe bricks with several components, some with chipboard, some others with roots and dry grass. It’s so funny to mix the soil with the feet!
The mulding is done after that a part of this compound is put in a square brick.
Another group worked on the realisation of the main structure (vertical bamboo) and on the secondary structure (cutted bamboo weawed) of the torchis.
Another group thought about the torchis wall and how to realise a window in it.

21_06_2010 logbook

giugno 21, 2010

Today we made 15 bricks using soil and the banano leaves; we started a coumpound with soil and chipboard. We worked on the fish mouth of the west entrance.

18_06_2010 logbook

giugno 18, 2010

Today we built the base with the bricks in order to divide the adobes from the ground and avoid the humidity to rise.

We finished the plastic roof to collect the rain water as well.

14_06_2010 logbook

giugno 14, 2010

Today we had a lecture of arch. Alberto de Simone about the several use of the bricks. We worked on differents thinks, so we shared in 3 groups. The first started to realise the main entrance. The second projected and started to build the first plugwall using the tecnique of torchis. The third projected and started to do some test with the adobe bricks.

10_06_2010 logbook

giugno 10, 2010

Yesterday we went to Nyanza, during the journey we saw the working of the adobe bricks. In nyanza we visited  the museum and the imyanya y’inzu, the traditional house of the king. The house has a circular form. We saw all the different parts of the house, the main are: inkomaizo z’umuryango, the upsights surrounding the house’s entrance to ensure the privacy; ikirambi, the central part of the house where the head of the family sit during the evening with his friends; urubumbiro, in the center of the room used as a fireplace and for decoration; and many others parts of the house.

08_05_2010 logbook

giugno 8, 2010

This week arrived arch. Alberto de Simone and we began to work on the adobe bricks. We are doing some experimentations with different materials, such as soil and vegetable fibers.