14_06_2010 logbook

Today we had a lecture of arch. Alberto de Simone about the several use of the bricks. We worked on differents thinks, so we shared in 3 groups. The first started to realise the main entrance. The second projected and started to build the first plugwall using the tecnique of torchis. The third projected and started to do some test with the adobe bricks.

2 Risposte to “14_06_2010 logbook”

  1. Moreno Says:

    Hello guys! The work in continuing the great. See you 😉

  2. Lis Says:

    This is good job! I try envies in the veder the color of the so red earth! W Pede! You work a lot so you will always have something to teach me..
    you breathe for me clean air but also culture. While I breathe smog and cement!
    two differents worlds even if not too much distant!
    Suerte a todos!


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