Rwanda at the Biennale di Venezia


The Republic of Rwanda has decided to participate to 12th International Exhibition of Architecture at the Biennale of Venic­e, Italy.

This is because Rwanda is convinced that the serious environmental problems common to most world populations need urgent attention. African Countries should strongly confront environmental problems and lay strategies to ensure that measures taken are sustainable.

The Republic of Rwanda has already taken a leading role, and made a grand step towards a sustainable environment by prohibiting the use of plastic bags in the Country.

Today, It has a particular attention to promoting research on the use of natural material in the building industry.

The Republic of Rwanda presents to 12th International Exhibition of Architecture at the Biennale of Venice, the Exhibition “Tradition and innovation in vegetable fibres’ design” in which the first result of Atelier Rwanda‘s activities are showed.

The Atelier Rwanda is a Centre of research on various design innovations in Africa.

This research was started in 2009 though a collaboration between Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), University Iuav of Venice (IUAV), Soroptimist International and Claudio Buziol Foundation of Venice.

This is a Centre of research, which promotes innovation by using local material and yet advancing the techniques of traditional craftsmanship to come up with longlasting products. This will enhance use of traditional materials and give them more value. San Marco Research Centre is located at Kanombe, Kigali.

The Exhibition will attract attention on the vast domain of architecture and design, with a specific pointer on the use of locally available materials around us.

The first outcome of this research is creating a building system with 80% natural materials such as banana leaves, bamboo and coffee wood.

Secondly, the research has facilitated the traditional rwandan technic to produce jewels that show the potentiality of our traditional culture when confronted the larger dimension of design and technology

As the commissaire and curator of the exhibition prof. Gaddo Morpurgo writes in this catalogue: “ With this first participation to the Biennale of Venice the Republic of Rwanda shows some of the ways we can cover if we intend the design like an instrument for solving the problems that at last are not more mine our yours, but ours.”

Hon. Joseph Habineza

Minister of Sport and Culture



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